About us

Company overview

Since 1996, (HST) H-Logic Security Technology is an Egyptian International Intelligent Security Systems Co. LTD, provides security surveillance and control system.
And as a result of continuous efforts in the Research & Development field in our company and factory it’s now a leading company in the technology security systems ,surveillance, control systems and digital data transmission industry owning 4 Egyptian brands that are operating under H-Logic Group. Which are, HST the mother company targeting mid and high-range markets, Convoy which was established in 2008 and now it’s operating separtely targeting mid-range markets ,Eco.Tech which is specialized in the low-range market and finally EuroVision for the European standards and high-range of the market.
We also has a partnership with the global biometrics security brand
We provide tailor made electronic security solutions to Egyptian businesses and homes with almost 25 years of combined experience in Egypt and Arab world, our team provides sophisticated electronic surveillance expertise offering clients key electronic products and solutions.

how can we help you?

Contact us at HST office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

HST CCTV surveillance is highly effective in crime prevention, protection and detection and – when installed, used and maintained properly – can act as the ultimate security deterrent.
That is the reason for our company and factory being certified by ISO 9001:2008.

HST Training Programs

Each company has its own unique culture. A training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee of the 200+ employees needs to be improved.
Security system is only as strong as the people behind it. So training programs are at the very core of our business. We place immense value on our customer service.
It is also worth mentioning that we are opening the first Egyptian Academy to provide practical and technical sessions and courses about the AI and intelligent security systems to the potential calibers with simplified and entertaining methods.

OUR Vision

OUR Vision

To provide a worldwide safer environment with the highest security systems.

OUR Mission

OUR Mission

To enable economic growth through more secured environment, and to provide intelligent solutions to more than 3000 distributors in Egypt, Africa, Europe and East Asia that support and protect the world.