HP201-2 (Without Battery)

Professional Addressable Panel 2Loop each Loop 247 Address can be Programmed by Computer
Large Display, Switched mode Power supply Programmable sounder and Relays


  • 2 onboard detection loops with maximum 250 devices per loop (HST protocol).
  • 2 onboard programmable monitored conventional sounder lines.
  • 3 onboard programmable relays.
  • 3 onboard programmable dry contact inputs.
  • 1 onboard free 24 voltage output
  • Description
  • HST-HP201-2 is an addressable fire alarm control panel capable of connecting up to 250 HST addressable devices per loop. With its extra large graphical display, it configures almost all panel settings via its very simple interface via HST (RINGER). It stores almost all different actions monitored up to 4000 event log records. HST-HP201-2 covers all small to medium size fire detection system needs.

User Manual