◆ SV-Unit: 48-57V DC port, onePoE input port andtwo output ports: BNC and
RJ45;IPC-Unit has two input ports: BNC and RJ45, one PoE output port;
◆ Transmit Ethernetsignal and powersignal up to500m though coaxial
cableand up to 400m though network cable;
◆ Ethernet delay lessthan 1ms; meet pointto point application;
◆ Standard: IEEE802.3 10BASE-T, IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX, IEEE802.3af/at;
◆ Protection: excellent circuit isolation protection, superior product anti-thunder , anti-satific and
antinterference ability;
◆ Appearance:solid and delicate, meet MIT rack installation standard;
◆ Working temperature: -40℃~75℃ (IPC unit)
◆ SupportMIT rack installation;

User Manual